Montgomery Bus Boycott Dbq

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The Montgomery Bus Boycott was a successful part of the civil rights. During this time African Americans needed to find alternatives for riding the bus to prove they were relentless to give up unless they received equal treatment while on the bus. Likewise many had very strong positions in this matter so they refused to take the bus . According to document four, 42,000 African Americans boycotted the bus system by using different alternatives such as hitch-hiking, housewive transportation, carpooling, and walking. Furthermore, some even would walk seven to fourteen miles in order to avoid taking the bus if the gained their equal rights. Equal rights were so important to African Americans that they would go out of their way to avoid the bus. Since 42,000 was a large percentage of the…show more content…
Martin Luther King Jr. led African Americans in peaceful protest in order to show the importance of the cause. Their peaceful protest gained attention from top news channels which allowed for the need for civil right to be brought to Americans throughout the United States. According to Document five, on January 30,1956 a newsletter was received which emphasised the past few years, and the media sources such as LIFE, TIME, CBS, and NBC who had covered the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Furthermore, many of these media groups did follow up interviews on Rosa Parks who was an empowering role model for equality. Rosa Parkwas known to be a very quiet person, yet she learned to stand up for African Americans communities due to the pride she took in her community. Rosa Parks has left a lasting effect by showing African Americans to stand up for themselves as well as stand up for what they believe in . Therefore, the Montgomery Bus Boycott was a successful protest hosted by African Americans because many learned to stand up for their rights by any
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