Summary Of 'Month Of The Weeping Angels'

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Julius Calendar 879 Month Of The Weeping Angels 18th -- Upon the outskirts of the great expanse of forest know as the Great Axe sat a small hamlet called Little Willow, merely twenty ramshackle houses clustered together. On this particular evening in Little Willow a palpable tension could felt in the air. A woman's weak agonising cries resonated throughout the hamlet, mingling with the drifting snowflakes that meandered through the nights sky. Alongside the woman's cries was a softer wail that was especially heart wrenching. The weeping voice of a loving husband. The woman's cries grew weaker and weaker whilst the mans wailing grew louder and louder. Eventually only a distraught sobbing could be heard throughout Little Willow, muffled somewhat…show more content…
His attention was captivated by a great black stone tablet that stood proudly on a daises occupying the centre of the meadow, the black stone was magnificently basking in the suns warm rays. Luscious green moss grew up over the four metre tall tablet giving it an archaic air. Rising to his feet the skinny young boy clad in rags stared in wonder at this seemingly ancient find. The Great Axe was of an immeasurably vast size and it was often heard of great treasures and mystical items being found within. But of course would be peasant treasure hunters were put off by the innumerable dangers that resided alongside the good fortune. Without sufficient strength delving into the Great Axe's depths was tantamount to suicide. His smile soon turned into a frown however as he turned around to look for the long departed hart. Finding himself alone in the wide glade his frown deepened and contorted his innocent features. As mystical as this relic was it wouldn't feed him and his father. Sighing Jasper kicked at the soft grassy ground as he resigned himself to a failed hunt and a lost arrow. Shaking his despondent emotions away he raised his eyes and marvelled at the great black tablet he had stumbled upon. A glitter began to form in the young lads eyes as he thought about the ancient ancestors who had left behind such a curious…show more content…
His eyes devoured the contours of the jagged tablet, it seemed to of originally been of a rectangular shape but the ravages of time had chipped and dulled the once finely carved edges into little more than a jagged mass. The daises itself was square and had seemed to of worn better than the tablet over the years, it's form still intact and solid. The tablet was set towards the back of the daises whilst the front was bare much like a platform. Smiling with boyish curiosity Jasper moved across the glade to the foot of the tablet. Without thinking he stepped up onto the daises to better inspect the jagged mass of black rock. However as his foot fell his entire body went rigid and a dazed expression befuddled his features. From beneath his feet he could feel numerous channels connecting down deep into the earths bowels and within those channels was a bright energy pulsing vibrantly. With a dumbfounded look plastered across his impoverished boyish features he stepped off the daises, gasping as the connection was brutally snapped. Shock and wonder soon filled his eyes as he stared at the daises that seemed to have some mystical properties, his eyes scoured the black rocks surface searching for any physical traces of the channels he had just felt. However no matter how he looked it only appeared to be a
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