Monticello Junior Leadership Case Study

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Junior Leadership Program Application Monticello is a town I hold very close to my heart. Through the Junior Leadership Program I hope to come to a greater understanding of the town I love so deeply, by talking to the business owners and networking with leaders in the community. I see this program as an opportunity to learn new business skills and leadership strategies, in addition to meeting new people with similar interests and goals. I have lived in Monticello my entire life. I live on the same farm my father lived on as a child, and as my grandfather did before him, and as his father did before him. I enjoy the close knit feel of the town and the way it brings people together. I would love to live and work in such a unique community, one that has a slower pace than the larger cities many of the people in my generation gravitate towards. To me, Monticello represents family and tradition and hopefully can help that sense of family and tradition flourish through starting my own career here.…show more content…
Unfortunately there are not many job options for young graduates just entering the workforce. Unemployment is very high, and jobs are scarce all over the country, but in small towns like this it’s even more difficult for young people to find suitable jobs after college. This drives much of the younger generation that grew up here to move to big cities after graduation to search for more job opportunities. In more favorable circumstances many of them would most likely return to their home town to start their new lives, but with few options there it doesn’t make sense for them to. That is why one of the biggest changes I would like to see in our community is more jobs for recent college
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