Montreal Case Study

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Questions for case Montreal: 1.Who are the main actors and what is the relationship between them?
 CEO – Gilles Bussieres Mid-level manager (Head of the Staffing and Workforce Planning Division) – Clemence Beauchemin Front-line managers – Christian Eiffel, Stephanie Lallier Each actors have their own unique vision and information sources. CEO (Gilles Bussieres) is fully aware of the importance of the importance of the role of human resources in general, and of the Division in particular. These three management levels have not share understanding of the common objectives and ensure that all of their actions are aligned with them. 2.What type of organizational culture can be seen to emerge from the information in the case? The STM considers…show more content…
As a responsible company, the STM aims to constantly improve its practices with respect to human resources and workplace health and safety. Life at work is strongly influenced by increasing ethnic, generational and other types of diversity. The STM recognize the richness that stems from the diversity of its employees, and from that of its customers. In order to create an inclusive working environment, free from discrimination and harassment, STM are taking a growing number of initiatives to reinforce the fact that this diversity is an undeniable asset in the daily management of the company's activities. Acting as a responsible employer also means providing safe working conditions that allow employees to perform their duties more efficiently, derive greater satisfaction from their work and reduce health-related absenteeism. The company is fully committed to assuming its responsibilities with respect to workplace health and safety by carefully managing hazards-either eliminating or diminishing them – reducing work-related accidents and illnesses, and measuring its
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