Montresor And Fortunato Analysis

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The Troubles of Keeping Secrets When people in relationships keep secrets it creates an imaginary barrier between them which makes them wonder if they really know one each other. Secrets are usually kept between two or more people because of numerous reasons. Some of these reasons include not wanting to hurt the other emotionally, or not wanting to give the other person hints as to what is to occur during the next hour or so. However, some secrets are personal and if kept inside, then the person would have a sense of guilt hovering above them. In order for one to feel better of themselves, one must tell someone about any secrets that they have inside of them. The story between Montresor and Fortunato is one that begins and ends with a re-counting…show more content…
It is entirely true that Montresor was getting revenge against Fortunato for the insults that he has given him. However, the problem is that, we the audience do not know to what extend the insults were and how bad were they. We are left to wonder if the insults were entirely just horse play which usually occurs between two friends, or were they actually insults being addressed towards Montresor and his family. Some might even argue that he was insane, and the fact is that Montresor was not really on his death bed. But that he was actually gleaming and he was boosting his crime to somebody because he felt proud of the crime that he committed. The argument that Baraban is making is that Montresor is not actually confessing his wrong deed, but that he is simply insane and crazy because as she stated, “Instead, Montresor maliciously subverts his role as a repentant sinner when he says…” (Baraban 57). Her argument is that Montresor is crazy, that his actions are coming from a mental person and not someone who is sane. The argument that I am pointing out is the fact that Montresor was mainly on his death bed when confessing his deed. No matter what, no matter what was the cause for his revenge, or what caused him to commit this act of revenge, he did end up murdering someone, and to ensure that he does complete the requirements to be considered as revenge. He needed to tell someone before he died. However he also needed to ensure that he was not going to be punish for what he has done. What Montresor could have been thinking is that if he confessed his crimes at a very old age, then they would not be able to prosecute him for the crimes that he has committed because there was not in the city to prosecute him if he is already close to
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