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As the story progresses it becomes exceptionally evident the role external conflict plays in creating Montresor’s character. To begin, Montresor mentions “the thousand injuries of Fortunato” and the revenge he is determined to get from the most recent injury, an insult (Poe 543). By Montresor choosing to open the story with remarks about Fortunato’s wrong doings towards him, it’s clear that he holds a grudge. These conflicts between the two men throughout their friendship have had such an impression on Montresor that it’s over taken him – it’s all he can think about; thus, he immediately mentions these conflicts at the beginning of the story. In result, Montresor as a character appears quite hostile and as a narrator appears unreliable. And…show more content…
To explain, Montresor was insulted by Fortunato, the resolution to this conflict should have been as simple as confronting Fortunato with his hurt feelings. Instead, Montresor decides “[he] would be avenged” (Poe 543). Because of the dramatic way Montresor decides to resolve the conflict between himself and his friend, his character is shifted towards an unruly one. Montresor has no regards for those around him, he has no insight to anyone but himself. As a result of the way he chooses to resolve conflicts, he allows the conflicts to take control of his every action. Further developing Montresor into his demented character. In terms of Montresor’s internal conflicts, he seems to resolve those by giving into the madness within his head. Once Montresor devises his plan against Fortunato and follows through with it, he officially embraces the full extent of his character. At this moment the character is fully developed. The conflicts in his life, both external and internal, and the resolutions of both types of conflicts has lead to the most deranged, cruel, and sinister version of Montresor Poe could have created. As it’s been noted, conflict in Montresor’s life leads him down a path that changes him, but it’s the way he opts to resolve these conflicts that at last fully develops the

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