Monty Python And The Holy Grail Essay

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Monty Python and the Holy Grail is a comedic film from 1975, that tells the story of King Arthur, who leads a group of men on a quest to find the Holy Grail. Throughout this film, the characters create many arguments and unjustifiable conclusions, for the sake of entertainment. This film connects to our first unit, Philosophical foundations, because it demonstrates the importance of using good reasoning, making sound arguments, logic, fallacies, and syllogisms. During the philosophical foundations unit, we learned about sound arguments, fallacies, logic, syllogisms, and the importance of good reasoning. We learned that good reasoning, or logical reasoning, is the process of forming conclusions, judgements or inferences from facts or premises. The way we reason effects our ability to inform our conscience. We must ensure that our reasoning is not based on prejudices or stereotypes, and we must be autonomous thinkers. We can do this by informing our conscience and searching for the right thing and most loving thing to do when deciding what to believe and do. We learned that good reasoning is important because…show more content…
The film focuses on the adventure of King Arthur, and his quest to fulfill, his duty to the divine and find the holy grail. At the beginning of the film, King Arthur is questioned as to how he found the coconut halves that Pasty uses to simulate the sound of horses galloping. A guard states that coconuts are not found in Europe because it is a temperate zone, and coconuts are found in tropical zones. King Arthur argues that they could have been carried by a swallow, to which the guard rebuts asking how could a swallow carry a coconut, due to the weight ratio between them. The guard then states that an African swallow may be able to carry a coconut, but because African swallows do not migrate, they wouldn’t have brought a coconut to

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