Monty Python Characteristics

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*1. Topic comedy 2. Academic paper Monty Python characteristics 1 Jolan Members 2 Louis setting 3 Seppe situations 4 Stef music 5 Kenny Hoe’s 2.1 Characteristics In the beginning, there was nothing. And by nothing, I mean just plain old comedy. Comedy which was bound by overall rules. But then, something rather extraordinary happened… Monty Python appeared and they immediately revolutionised the scene. Instead of bringing the classic acts, which consisted of faint stereotypes, they tried to overtake the world with their creative sketches. I’ll explain how Monthy Pyhtonn 2.2 Members Graham Chapman Graham Chapman was born 8 January 1941 in Leicester. He started his study in medicine in Cambridge, but deferred his studies for a year to tour…show more content…
All the songs have an ironic touch to them or are used to give some background information about history in a funny and easy way for their public. The song ‘look on the bright side of life‘ is one of the songs with an ironic touch. At the part where they play this song we can see people who were crucified and one of them starts singing this song, so it’s ironic, because there isn’t any way to be positive about anything at that moment. Another example is the song ‘Knights of the round table’. Here they try to give some background information about history in an easy way to understand for their public. They also make use of little sounds that make the situation funny, sometimes these sounds are produced by characters in the film, for example by hitting two coconut shells to each other. So they try to obtain the sound of a horse running around. These little sounds are not funny on it’s own, but because they see a man running around with two coconut shells it makes the situation funny. Not all little sounds are produced by members in the film, in the film ‘Monty Python and the Holy Grail’ they use special sounds to make you feel like the grail is holy. I think you can all imagine a sound you would hear if something is holy. Almost all of their sketches and animations employed music in some form. Often the jokes themselves were
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