Monuments To Our Better Nature Analysis

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Analysis of “Monuments to Our Better Nature” In “Monuments to Our Better Nature,” Michael Byers gives us a tour through his description and layout of national mall in Washington DC. Byers reminisces about his time as a boy growing up with the National Mall of Washington DC at his fingertips. He grows up with these massive figures and monuments and feels a sense of pride and truth to everything that surrounds him. Byers explains each monument in detail ranging from the Lincoln Memorial to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Each statue and structure means something to him and he shares his opinion of each one. In his examination of these structural tributes, he begins to discover the meaning of what it is to be part of the American society. He sees…show more content…
While the Lincoln Memorial speaks of hope the Vietnam speaks of sorrow. Byers describes his experience at the Memorial as such, “the ambivalent descent, deeper and deeper, along a sinister black wall, exactly mimics the national experience of the war (76).” Here he realizes the horror of war with every name engraved in the black stone. Here he realizes that these people on the wall are part of us. They were part of the nation and defended us. They are family to us in a nation’s sense and each name has meaning to citizens of America. Byer says, “We are silent, knowing that some of the visitors here will have lost a brother, son, father, friend (76).” This reasoning for being silent is to honor those who have fallen. As mentioned before everyone was affected by this war and everyone either knows or knows of someone that was in this war. It affected all of America and this monument pays tribute to them. The Vietnam Memorial, much like the Lincoln Memorial demonstrates the nation coming together for the greater good of the nation. Times had changed and events had changed which called for action which is one of the biggest characteristics of being an American
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