Moon Hoax Conspiracy Research Paper

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3,2,1 blast off; or lights, camera , action. In 1976 Bill Kaysing defied what NASA was showing on the first apollo moon landing. Bill started what is called the“moon hoax conspiracy” Mr. Kaysing claims that America never landed on the moon and it was all a scheme. Phil Plait says that they actually did land in the moon and that bill is being dishonest. The controversy is getting tense on this conspiracy. Tune in more to get details on this exciting segment No stars in the sky Bill Kaysing looked at the photos of the moon landing and has found something unusual about them. Bill proclaims that there are no stars in the photos. Which gives him more reason to believe that we never went to the moon. “ where are the stars…show more content…
“They fired the rocket hard to deorbit but slow enough to land on the moon, but they didn't need to thrust that hard as they approached the lunar surface; they throttled down to about 3,000 pounds of thrust. No dust on shield Bill has made another interesting point to give more evidence that we never went to the moon “ No dust on face shield or environment although there would have been if they had truly landed on the moon.” Film cables Josh fox made another point about the moon hoax. He says that in some photos you can see a wire on the astronauts. Which leads people to believe they never went to the moon. “ in some screen shots outlines of alleged hidden cables can be seen.”Many people believe this because it correlates with the film theory that they hung the astronauts on cables and had them pretend that they were at the moon. Unexplained object Josh once again gives reasons for how we might not have went to the moon. On a photo you can see an unexplained object in the photo and it looks to be on a wire or rope. Josh fox says this about the object, “ the object appears to be hanging from a rope or wire!” He thinks that it is hanging and that it is not supposed to be there and apart of the mistakes in the film
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