Moon Landing Conspiracy Essay

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Was the NASA Moon Landing of 1969 Real or Fake?

In 1969, all of America watched as NASA sent the first manned ship into space and to the moon. Hundreds of people gathered around the launch station and thousands watched the live broadcasting on the news. As the countdown reached 0, the rocket with Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldron and Tim Collins flew to space and America gave a sigh of relief. Now it was time to watch as Neil Armstrong took the first steps on the moon to plant the American flag on the moon symbolizing our victory in the notorious “Space Race” with the Soviet Union. It was a great day for America as we won the “Space Race” and got safely to the moon, but not everyone was happy. In this essay, I will be talking about why some conspiracy theorists think that the historical moon landing of 1969 was staged and why I still believe that it was in fact, real.

To begin, I will be showing you some evidence theorists use to support their claim of the landing being fake. The first is that when …show more content…

When the spacecraft was taking off on that fateful day, hundreds of people were gathered around to watch it take off outside. There is no studio big enough to shoot that scene without a greenscreen and a room packed with hundreds of extras and fake news casters which is even more people who have to keep the secret! Speaking of news casters, how would that work? NASA paying news channels to play their fake tapes which means guess what, MORE PEOPLE TO KEEP THE SECRET! All the news editors and workers at the station would know that it was fake, which is a pretty good thing to put in their papers or on their channel. One more thing and I am moving onto the next fact, not only news stations were broadcasting it live, but it was being recorded on the radio too. Radio Stations would have to be payed to play the fake broadcasters voice over of the event so they would have to keep quiet as

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