Moon Landing Persuasive Speech

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The first humans on the moon captivated and put many in shock while they watch it on their televisions all around the world. President Kennedy’s goal transpired as the moon landing took place on July 20th, 1969. Before the moon landing planning, President Kennedy wanted the nation to commit in space developments because the United States trailed after Soviet Union. In many articles relating to the Apollo 11 event, the sources informed their audience using rhetoric (logos, pathos, ethos) and very detailed. Furthermore, the overall man on the moon event has multiple points of views on importance and greatness, although the event shows worthlessness. To start off, a myriad of different opinions from all over the world about the 1969 Apollo 11…show more content…
Although many did see the event as that, other sources appealing to rhetoric saw it the complete opposite. These authors shared a common standpoint of the moon landing calling it insignificant and America wasting money on this space development event when America could have used it on other substantial and important issues. Herblock’s Transported features a man on the moon, in this drawing cartoon the man is fixated on a television and it is dark and gloomy beneath him which is Earth. On Earth, it has words on clouds, “war”, “poverty”, and “prejudice.” Herblock’s intentions in this was to show those glorifying the Apollo 11 event, first humans on the moon, do not notice what goes around the world with real issues, such as war and poverty. Herblock makes a perfect attempt on unmasking the negative and poor side of a worldwide victory and success, this proves those coming together (around the world) for a worldwide “phenomenon” but when bigger issues shown in his cartoon, examples of more significant things than the moon landing, in which many are unaware of the issues. To add, one of the first articles, like “Man on the Moon” written by The Times talks about insignificance of the moon landing when it mostly discussed about rocks, a technique of sarcasm, mockery. America misused their money on the highly glorified event shows that those
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