Moon Landing Real Or Fake Essay

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I think that the moon landing is true, but at the same time I think that it is false because people really do not know whether the moon landing was fake or real . If people really want to know they are really going to have to search a lot to find evidence about that the moon landing was fake or not. The moon landing can be faked and you have to really be careful,but at the same time moon landing can be real and people can edit the picture and make it look fake.The same thing with the real moon landing people can change the picture. So that is why I am in between about if the moon landing is real or fake. The reason why I think that the moon landing can be faked or real is because it is kinda what I said in the first paragraph people do not…show more content…
he was getting out of the moon lander. but who film him? In this evidence it is good, but the same thing I have been saying nobody knows the truth about the moon landing. In evidence 12 Neil Armstrong was getting out the moon lander to get on the moon well Neil could have brought somebody with him and told him to film him, then basically everybody say it is too hot to have a camera on the moon.Well they are astronauts they should have supplies so they can cover the camera on something so it would not burn in pieces. Then it is the other way around it can be fake somebody was probably filming him and a studio and fake it all. Nobody knows whether it is real or fake they need evidence, answers, proof about everything in the astronaut world. This is what I think about the moon landing in all the paragraphs that it can be either fake or real nobody really knows the truth about everything. So in these paragraphs I am telling about everything that i know about the moon landing. The moon landing is basically your opinion. This is your opinion because people have different ideas of the moon landing so really nobody will have the same idea of the moon

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