Moon Port Film Analysis

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The Moon-Port film was about the advantages and disadvantages of the new technologies and new discoveries that were made in Florida in the past. Many citizens of Florida were affected with the changes in society because the more new technology the more discoveries that are being made in the environment. NASA affected the growth of Florida’s population because many new things were made to make everyone’s life easier. The creators of this film wanted to communicate to people who wanted to be informed with the information on how the society grew in Florida because of space discoveries. This film shows that Florida at the time was beginning to grow and didn’t have a big population at the time. According to the film, NASA did help grow the culture and society of Florida citizens. At the time, when Florida was just beginning, there wasn’t a huge population like there is today and there are many reasons as to why Florida grew as a…show more content…
The creators of this film hoped for the younger generation and just anybody to watch the film and realize all of the events that happened during that time in history. The ideas and feelings that they wanted to communicate was to be helpful in giving accurate information about space history. In the film, it says “The towers of Canaveral give Florida a unique place in the history of man. Moonport USA. Moonport of the free world. From here, man of the western world will depart on his greatest adventure: a trip to the moon.” This statement from the film shows what the creators of this films intention was which was to have this time in history be remembered by those who want to be informed of exactly what happened. The film creator made the Moon-Port Film to give a great representation of how life was in Florida before many new technologies were
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