Moonport Usa Analysis

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5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Ready to learn about the Moonport USA? This film was mainly about the history of Apollo Launches and the Fatalities, this paper will explain to why they did what they did for the missions for instance example there are some questions that people aren’t sure about the answers too like why is was located in Cape Canaveral. The subject of Moon Port is to explain what effects it had on the Missions, Space shuttles, and the society, by effects I mean what made things different. Also during this time countries were trying to see who could get to space first so there was a lot of pressure on America because they believed that if the Russians got to the moon first they would…show more content…
After the Apollo missions and after the change in direction of NASA’s mission and goals, there was jobs left for military career opportunities.During Moonport there was a lot of missions during this time like the Apollo missions, Mercury Missions, Gemini Missions. The main goal for Moonport was to get someone into space it’s 1957 and the Russians had already got someone to the moon now that was a problem because people believed that the Russians were spying on America also Americans believed that they wouldn’t be able to develop new technology so their main goal was to get someone in space. There plan worked and on May 5th, 1961 they had the first man in space this was a huge deal at this time! Each of these missions had a goal and each of them had achievements with them. The mercury missions goal was to orbit a crewed spacecraft around earth and bring it back safely, their achievements was that there was 6 successful manned space flights. In the Gemini Missions there goal was to have shuttles connect together and be able to dock so they can communicate with the ISS, their achievements were they were able to have two space shuttles connect together also were able to dock the space shuttle in space. In the Apollo missions there goal was to create technology to meet all the nations needs Preeminence in space, their achievements which was a very big achievement was Neil Armstrong becoming the first man to be on moon. These missions I believed are what made The Moonport USA. The Moonport USA didn’t only make an effect and change only Florida but it had an effect on the entire nation and to other countries. It taught us about new technology the missions involved with Moonport. It affected the society in a very big way, it changed the way we look at things with the missions it helped answer some of the questions that we had about Moonport
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