Moons Short Story

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On a not so small planet, there's purple creatures. The purple creatures are called Moons. Moons are purple creature with yellow greenish eyes, have a long flexible tail, arms like snake scales. Have sharp teeth like a pencil after being sharpened when getting angry. Moons are very rare creatures and have electric powers. They care about each other and do what ever to protect one another. Especially, Paris. Paris is the queen. She is respectful, hard working, caring, sweet, very brave and intelligent. Her eyes are greenish yellow, has straight curly black hair, has long healthy nails and has these cherry red lips. Paris was the perfect moon. all male moons fell for her and all female moons looked up to her. Unfortionally and unspectically she fell for one of her…show more content…
(meanwhile Kim was running trying to find King R. finally, spotted him looking for food.) Kim said out of breath" king. King." he said" what's wrong? where's Paris?" Kim said" my king the moons are under attack." king R eyes widened then ran back. By the time he went back the moons were dead and Paris was dying. He ran to her seeing her out of breath. He hold her head up crying. He said" No." the other moons were behind him sad. Paris said" remember…remember your promise. I need you to be the king, I know you are." he said" I will kill who ever did this to you." she said" don’t. they see us as monsters don’t give them a reason." he brushed her hair back. She said" I love you." she takes one last look at her then said" take care of Jaz for me." she close her eyes. King R felt like he lost his life. He heard other humans coming. He let go of Paris then said" I promise." him and the other moons left. 10 YEARS LATER… a family moved to los Angalas over the summer. "oh, come on Jack, smile." Jack mom said recording him. He said" mom why did we have to move?" "now Jack we told you your mom wanted to get out the neighborhood." dad said while driving. He said" I know but, I had friends
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