Moonshadow Book Report

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Moonshadow, a nine year old Tang boy, lives with his mother in China. All the Tang men live in San Francisco to make money for their families in Chia. They call San Francisco, the Golden Mountain. Moonshadow’s father, Windrider left before Moonshadow was born. Moonshadow’s cousin, Handclap comes San Francisco to get Moonshadow. As Moonshadow gets to know his family, he realizes the truth about demons (or white people). They are mean and don’t care about the Tang people. He also learns there isn’t an actual Golden Mountain, they just call it that because of all the gold. Moonshadow is hearing the story of Windrider’s name. Windrider says the dragon king is hurt and tells Windrider his past body was a dragon. But due to crime, his head was cut…show more content…
For now everybody was safe together. After that terrible earthquake, the demon soldiers made the Tang people rebuild their town in a different place. But, the Tang people didn’t like that so they convinced the demons to let them rebuild in their original spot. The Whitlaws had to move to Oakland to get money since they have nothing. Windrider and Moonshadow wanted to move to Oakland so Windrider could live out his dream, to fly. Moonshadow and Windrider still get to see the Whitlaws just not every day. Lately Moonshadow has been feeling like he’s being watched. Finally Windrider and Moonshadow finished their lifesize airplane. They named it Dragon Wings. Black Dog showed up when Moonshadow is alone. He chased Moonshadow and told him to give him money or he would hurt him. Windrider funds them and gives Black Dog the money. Now Moonshadow and Windrider can’t fly Dragon Wings or pay their rent. They have to leave Dragon Wings. Uncle and the company came to help Windrider fly. Windrider crashed Dragon Wings. He broke his leg and a few ribs. Windrider and Moonshadow went back to the new company building and Windrider left to bring Moonshadow’s mother. While the Whitlaws and Moonshadow wait for this exciting
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