Moonwalking With Einstein Analysis

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Moonwalking with Einstein is a 320 page non-fiction novel written by Joshua Foer and published by Penguin Books in 2012. Joshua Foer is a freelance journalist with a primary focus on the hard sciences. He was born in Washington D.C and attended Yale University, which he graduated from in 2004 with a degree is evolutionary biology. He is the 2006 USA memory champion, which he described in Moonwalking with Einstein. Ignoring the misleading title and dramatic use of colours on the cover, this novel was an interesting and compelling read, with a variety of thought provoking ideas. This novel demonstrates that anything is possible. The informative aspect of this novel made for an enjoyable read. The discussed techniques on improving memorization…show more content…
The part that I liked the most regarding Moonwalking with Einstein is Joshua Foer’s determination. Foer started off exactly like everybody else. He could not memorize everything and lived a normal life. One day he became determined to learn about memorizing after he had read about past USA memory championship in articles and stories. Foer began to learn new memory techniques, like remembering 120741091101. “‘Break it into four chunks - 120, 741, 091, 101 - and it’s become a little easier. Turn it into two chunks, 12/07/41 and 09/11/01, and now they’re almost impossible to forget’” (Foer 62). It shows me to never give up because some of the important things always take the longest. After the year of training, Foer won the championship, proving that with enough hard work, anything can be mastered. The best moment of the novel was the moment when Joshua Foer finally won the USA memory championship. “‘I looked up and saw the kitschy, two tiered trophy twinkling at the edge of the stage. Ram reached over to shake my hand’” (257). This is the best moment of the book in my opinion because it again demonstrates that not only is anything possible, but that hard work comes with a reward.. Joshua Foer started off only one year ago learning key techniques for memorization, knowing that there were many other geniuses on the other side of the world. He worked very hard to not only improve his memorization, but master it. In the end he won the USA memory championship and showed that hard work pays
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