Moope In Moliere's Misanthrope

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How does people always make false faces in front of somebody? Did we get used with being a pretender to others? “Misanthrope” is a comic play created by Moliere. Misanthrope came from the Greek word misanthropia which means hatred of humankind or distrust to humankind. Famous philosophers of the world like Aristotle, Socrates and Plato had discussion about the hatred among their fellowmen for the reason that they continue to fail their expectation. In Moliere’s play Alceste is another example of misanthropic person. He is an individual who does not want to socialize or to make friends with other people. He believes that there are more things to be given of attention other than spending time with a friend who’ll end up betraying you. Other…show more content…
In friendship and relationship, betrayal of trust also appears. An instance of betrayal can be seen in the story of Medea wherein Medea the character herself has been betrayed by her husband. Her husband left him and marry a princess in exchange for power and wealth leaving her and her two children. Medea feels betrayed because he does not consider all the things that she made for him including saving him twice. This experience made Medea to hate not only Jason but also all people who took her happiness away. This prompt her to made a decision of killing the king and Jason’s fiancee including her two children. Being deceived by someone is difficult experience especially when it’s primary cause is infidelity of your partner. Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy is a novel that talks about Anna’s act of adultery Infidelity is more a social issue in the novel that is common nowadays. Karenin's central complaint to Anna’s affair with Vronsky is not that infidelity is a transgression, or even that it causes him enthusiastic anguish, but instead that society will respond adversely. Karenin considers what will other people thinks,she values looking good to the neighbors, over whatever else. It is consequently that he is so eager to neglect Anna's undertaking the length of she doesn't look for separation. He couldn't care less such a great amount about the way that his significant other loves another man; he minds just that she keep on…show more content…
Living with different kinds of people, we cannot deny the fact that one way or the other, we will encounter people who are like this. People who professes the love of truth and integrity yet, in their very own ways, they cannot accept it once this truth and integrity is slapped in front of their face. Moreover, there are also people who by all means, fancy sugarcoated words and think as if all of these glittery ideas are true. Anyway, if we were on the shoes of these people, most of us would chose the things that won’t hurt us, right? I remember when we were rotated in the National Center for Mental health for our duty, we have been taught about the different ways on how to communicate with mental patients therapeutically. Knowing these people have mental illnesses, it is critical for us to know how to talk and deal with them because more often than not, the symptoms of their illnesses will be triggered if weren’t able to talk to them therapeutically. We were taught on how to not reinforce their thoughts when they have delusions and hallucinations and most importantly, we should not give them false reassurance. False reassurance is a pleasant lie. As stated in the book The Patient Doctor Relationship: Synopsis of Psychiatry, false reassurance is essentially lying to a patient and can badly

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