Moral Ambiguity In Hamlet

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To be or not to be morally ambiguous is to have the lack of coherence in making moral life decisions. In Shakespeare's play Hamlet, the main character Hamlet goes through a great transformation. Hamlet seeks revenge toward Claudius who he believes killed his father for the throne. In many of Shakespeare’s play there is always a hero and a villain, but in Hamlet, Hamlet plays a pivotal role because he can be viewed as both the hero and the villain. Hamlet is seen as a morally ambiguous character due to the decisions he makes throughout the plot of the novel that ends up leading him to his demise. In this paper, the audience will understand how Hamlet’s moral ambiguity is significant to Shakespeare’s play as a whole. In the beginning of the…show more content…
Due to Hamlet dismissing all of his moral behavior and not caring about what is right or wrong changes the whole direction of Hamlet’s character. This leads to the entire demise of the royal family who is left slain on the floor dead by the end of the play. Although Hamlet’s behavior ends up killing multiple people who were not even meant to die, discourages readers from identifying him as purely evil or purely good--which is the true definition of an ambiguous character. Hamlet was not trying to be purely evil, he was only trying to seek revenge for his beloved father. Furthermore, Hamlet ends up dying in the end of the play after fighting and killing Laetres and Claudius, who had created a plan to slay Hamlet. In spite of everything, Hamlet ends up dying a hero due to his best friend Horatio, fulfilling his final dream, which was to tell the truth about his tragic story. The new king of Denmark, Fortinbras, states that Hamlet be remembered as a fallen soldier, “Bear Hamlet like a soldier to the stage, for he was likely, had he been put on, to have proved most royal; and for his passage, the soldier’s music and the rite of war, speak loudly for him” [V.ii 441-446]. Through this closing quote of the play the audience is able to understand Fortinbras’ decision to have Hamlet remembered as a hero. One must remember throughout the novel that Hamlet’s ambiguous decisions were solely to redress the murder of his father who was slain out of jealousy and the acquisitive desire of his uncle

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