Morals In The Movie Blood Diamond

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The movie “Blood Diamond” is a very revealing tale that easily shows the underlying morals and ethics of many people in this world. During this movie, one can see the absence of conscience, respect for “the other” as well as the pure dedication people have to the direction in life that they have chosen. All of these morals, or lack thereof, are presented by many various groups and characters throughout the movie and in their own way affect and change the ethical dilemma that is the blood diamonds during the movie.

The first instance of an aspect of the human person being neglected in “Blood Diamond” would be the presence of conscience. There are many characters throughout this movie that appear to act without conscience, but I think one
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Following this, he latches on to Solomon as he learns of the pink diamond that he buried, and pretends that he wants to help him in trade of part of the diamonds worth. However, it becomes fairly evident, through how terribly he treats Solomon, as well as through his discussions of double crossing, that his helping towards Solomon is not out of his moral beliefs, but rather his dedication to money. This proves the idea that Archer follows superego rather than conscience as he follows what he was taught as a child in Africa (the idea of ‘This is Africa’ and that there are no moral rules, just money) rather than following what is ethically right. Finally, this affects the ethical issue at hand, ie. the blood diamonds, as his absence of empathy towards others causes him to further the problems as he smuggles and sells more of these precious rocks. Moreover, another instance where one can see lack of conscience, albeit in an understandable way, would be the child soldiers. These kids were programed to follow their leader, superego, and kill when they had to, proving the loss of conscience. Even when face-to-face with his father, one of these soldiers still acted in accordance
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