Essay On Morals And Ethics

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Morals and Ethics are two of the core foundations of any society. According to small business. chron, morals and ethics in a business is beneficial in building customer loyalty, retaining good employees, and a positive work environment. Morals is essential in every society, the reason being that living a good moral life affects the society positively. In a society where individuals live and abide by good moral values, living an ethically upright life, in effect creates a society of trust and helps in positive development. Though there can be a society as such, humans live in a society that is filled with distrust, violence, criminal activities, corruption, and other immoral practices. In these instances, people’s morals conflict with other people’s way of life. So, the question is does one sacrifice his morals for the larger group? Or stand up for his or her morals and values? Another question is if one then stands up for his morals, does the situation change or becomes worse?
According to S. Douglas Bee in his article “Personal Morals and
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He continues by pointing out that when an ethical man violates his own ethic, he feels not guilt but a sense of human failure. To some extent, when people stand up for their morals and ethics and it ends up not resulting in any positive effect, they tend to feel guilty and may end up conforming to any standards or codes set. Morals and ethics are very essential elements in our society, but the issues of personal morals and ethics creates a lot of controversies and conspiracy among various groups of people. If these controversies are still existing and are not being resolved, the question remains does one sacrifice his or her morals for the larger group? Or stand up for his or her
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