Ethical And Moral Values Of Environmental Ethics

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Environmental ethics enable us to comprehend and value the nature and invention of God but they may differ in terms of different civilisations and perspectives. There are two ways environment ethnics can be addressed which are human-centred and ecocentric. Human-centred approach is about what environment can supply to humans and the maintenance of the resources for present and future use. On the other hand, ecocentric approach is appreciated as core value which is what humans may give to the environment. Both of the approaches achieve a consensus that humans are a portion of biosphere, what human had did will affect themselves, environment and also the sustainability of the earth (Amin, 2009). Currently, there are some arguments about whether biotechnology will provide benefits or risks to the environment.
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For example, plant-based pharmaceuticals are useful in vaccine manufacturing to produce immune system against the pathogen. Although it is beneficial, it could also lead to changes in environment by retaining the transgenic materials in wildlife in the environment (Shama & Peterson, 2004). Another issues is the fish which are inserted with metal-sequestering protein for pollution clean-up may harm animals that consumes them. Morally, transgenic plants are made because they can be stored and shipped at room temperature however vaccine is unstable to the heat. It is unethical that some endangered wildlife can possibly ingest toxins from these plants and extinct. Plant parts which are not harvested must be completely removed and also must have proper management for disposing. Fish which is genetically modified should be removed and create new ways to solve this

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