Moral Behavior In The Army Essay

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The Army culture modifies one’s upbringing values, so it is up to each individual to act upon conflicting values to avoid moral disengagement in one’s career. We have rules and values we must live these values every day in everything we do. However, in 23 years I have observed unethical conducts such as Soldiers in inappropriate relationships and toxic leaders. Each Soldier confronts dilemmas and must decide to do right or wrong. When Soldiers decide for the wrongdoing, the decision leads one to moral disengagement. The blind obedience to orders, the possibility of significant outcomes and personal retributions are reasons for wrongdoing that lead to moral disengagement and should be challenged. One of the reasons Soldiers disengage from a good moral behavior is the blind obedience to orders. Soldiers often say, “I was following orders,” but obeying orders to act against one’s values creates a conflict and one must decide what the right thing to do is. Blaming others for your actions and…show more content…
Currently our mission in Iraq under Operation Inherent Resolve is uncertain. Soldiers are not constantly engaged in the mission and live under temptations or threats to consistent moral behavior. For example, a Soldier away from the spouse every other year confront a dilemma and the living arrangements do not make it easier; engage in inappropriate relationship and commit adultery disrupting the moral behavior expected. In fact, all four times that I have deployed, a few married Soldiers have committed adultery. Most of them were held accountable for breaking the rules. To eliminate or at least minimize the moral disengagement, the presence of leaders within the living surroundings may well be enough to remind one of the rules and possible consequences of acting

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