Unwind Character Analysis

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People believe behavior is based off symbolical things such as laws, age, and social status as represented by characters such as Nurse Greta, the Juvey Cop, and a symbol such as the Bill of Life, in the book Unwind by Neal Shusterman; however, I believe it depends on the person whether their behavior can change or not. In this dystopia, symbolical behavior characteristics are exaggerated into major issues. These symbols can be a major issue today, especially the ideas of laws changing people’s behavior. Symbols do not change people; the only way someone can be changed is by either influence or self-awareness. Parents must do their best to instill good behavior and morals in their children; if parents do not do that to their kids, then the parents are at just as much as…show more content…
Lev says, “They’re trying to get me on their side, so I’ll take part in whatever criminal activities they have planned.” Lev believed that Connor and Risa were awful criminals because they were not tithes like him. Connor and Risa were terribles, which are unwinds that are unwound against their will. This social prejudice shown here is a large problem in our society. Our government for examples is one of the biggest social injustices in the world. If you are poor then most likely you cannot run for a major political office because of corruption through money and “traditions”. In the US if someone is wealthy that person is seen as smart and reasonable, and if someone is poor that person is seen as uneducated and unskillful. Lev breaks this social normality. He is supposed to be a nice These social status prejudices are what corrupts our government. Politics are run off of money. A poor person does not have a chance to run for an office because they have no time or money too, even if they would be a better fit for the office. Social prejudices that are exemplified in Unwind, tithes are better than terribles, corrupt governments
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