Arguments Against Diversity

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For the minority businesses, diversity is about fairness and justice as an equal opportunity for everyone. The majority view as it has a way to guarantee a large talent pool in the future. Another group will take diversity from within to mirror the customer base and better their service delivery. A fourth group will cite legal compliance. There are several arguments as to diversity initiatives. These are:
The Moral Argument – Where an organisation employs the diverse population because of the moral obligation to employ them. This is an approach that would point at upholding diversity within the organisation just as a formality. However, an organisation that takes keen consideration of opportunities presented by diversifying stands to reap
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Supplier Diversity – Businesses have taken steps to diversify even in the supply chain to ensure that the benefits accruing to diversity from within the organisation are homogenous through the supply chain to the customer. This also helps to promote the image of the company in the case, where the organisation hires workers from the population on site by harnessing the relationship the customers tend to keep with such employees (Marchington, Wilkinson, 2012).
Challenges of Diversity - Whereas the benefits of diversity are many, there are a few obstacles in diversifying. People tend to attach some sentimental value to developments originating from native ideas. This fact added to other enforcements by the government and in some cases company policy leads to discrimination against the diversity in people the world bears.

Here are some pointers to diversity leading to people not being treated the
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For example, Japan as a country speaks Japanese as the national language and does not allow importation of labour. A business entity in such a country may be willing and able to diversify but the law of the land fails to allow for that diversity. Consideration of the differences in culture, nationality, motive of migration, among others, advices immigration in many countries. The laws bring selective consideration for permission into a country’s borders. Recent Study by the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) indicated that western countries and strong economies of the world accept very few refugees into their countries. This denies such people homage or employment in such countries. The USA is also grappling with illegal immigrants who view it as a potential employer whereas; the laws of the land do not allow free migration (Lewis, Sargeant, 2013).

Internal Resistance to Diversity – In every organisation, a culture is developed and upheld or transferred to newcomers. If diversity efforts are to be successful at introduction, a lot has to be done to change the culture of that organisation (Bratton, Gold, 2012). Usually, such changes do not receive welcome and are resisted by the employees who have embedded that culture. Middle management also tends to resist such change that diversity introduces because completion of tasks maybe disrupted and team building efforts
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