Moral Change In Macbeth

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The Shakespeare play Macbeth, is about the main character Macbeth who at the beginning of the play was a noble man who was praised by Duncan for being the hero of the war that they had just completed. Once however he receives I glimpse of the future from a supernatural force (the witches) he receives an urge for power, that is taken through tragedy. Macbeth’s morals change substantially, multiple times in the story including the passages that I have chose which includes at first his debate for evil in Act 1, scene 7, to the point where he commits acts on evil for ambition in Act 5 scene 5. These scenes are near the beginning of Macbeth’s reign to near the end, making this a perfect example in looking at Macbeth’s the moral changes that have occurred. In order to organize Shakespears ideas, I divided each passage into sections. At this point in the passage, Macbeth is very curious about all of his options, leaving the audience to wonder what choices he’s going to make in order to dictate his life. When hearing the witches prophecies, Macbeth realizes that the first two statements they said were true, and is pondering whether the pats will come true or will he have to make it come true. Therefore he is discussing his options and trying to figure out what he is going to do. In the first section of the speech, the topic of it is the negatives that he faces if he were to go about murdering Duncan. The first…show more content…
That is shown through the protagonist who looks like he will be the overall hero of the story, turn evil to eventually be the villain or the antagonist of the story. Macbeth started out as a good man that did lots of things for the king to earn Thane of Cawdor. That light in him eventually turned to darkness as he murdered the people that he was once allies with him, causing him to view life as worthless, which in the end is true because he will always be remembered for only the evil that he did in his

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