Moral Code Essay Examples

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“The most finite resource for all humans is time.” My father says this to me all the time, and I’m beginning to understand why he says it. So my personal philosophy, at this point in time, is that since time on Earth is limited, one must make that short time meaningful and make the most of that time. This can be done by living life by a moral code, chasing one’s goals, as well as being aware of one’s own deficiencies. Living by a moral code requires that one defines that code. My belief is that there is a single, universal code. So my moral code emcompasses my own beliefs of what should be right and what should be wrong. I agree with the idea that what is seen as right may be right for one, can be wrong for another, but ultimately there is a morally correct thing to do (Source A). My moral code is mostly based around respect and honesty. Respect also includes…show more content…
But to be able to work with others one must know what those deficiencies and inabilities are so that those one chooses to work with will actually help deal with one’s lack of ability. A common example would be working with a coach instead of trying to coach oneself. For all an example would be a swim coach when young. This is because as a human one is innately unable to swim and will lack the necessary knowledge and ability to teach oneself. That is why a coach is necessary. So realizing one’s inabilities and accepting that help is necessary to improve oneself is the only way to improve oneself. And isn’t that often a goal of life? To become the best possible person one can be? Another common goal would be education, and to learn nowadays the internet allows one to find whatever it is he or she wishes to search for. As it can be found online and self taught, I also accept the fact that knowledge comes from within as the ability to learn is innate (Source
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