Moral Contract With Epicurus

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Epicurus states that humans cannot be unjust to animals because to be unjust we would need to have a contract with the animals and because they do not speak we can’t do that. However even if we do not have a moral contract we should still look at the way we treat animals as many ways are too cruel and we don’t blink an eye but we need to.
Epicurus says that justice is a contract or an agreement to neither harm nor be harmed. Humans invent justice by making contracts with each other. The purpose of the agreement is to make other’s happy the laws must be just, make others happy and be useful. In order for something to be just there has to be an agreement or contract made. The wise epicureans understands the law is useful and learns to mild
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If you walked around on Atlanta streets and just started “hunting” people you would be locked up and probably put on trial and be in jail for a long time. Why? You don’t have a contract with those people to not kill them. Does that make the murder of the citizens morally correct? Should you be able to always do this just because you never agreed to not murder someone? The answer you are probably thinking is no. NO NO NO. Why is that? We don’t care if an innocent animal is mistreated or killed because we have no obligation to be just to them. We however have many laws against abuse and murder in humans. What’s the difference? Do you sign a contract the moment you are born or agree to something to where you say that you won’t murder or abuse innocent people? Do you agree to not murder someone when you first met them? NO. You do none of those to either humans or animals but with the human death it is always the same thing that “it’s against the law”. It’s against the law to abuse an animal but when Michael Vick ran a dog ring and forced his pit bulls to breed and fight and if they lost he would brutally murdered them, no one cared. He was kicked off his team sure but how long was he gone from football until he was brought back to another team and now is worshipped again? When Ray Rice beat his wife in an elevator it was like World War 3 was about to start; He was suspended and they talked of kicking him off the team completely and the only reason that he was saved was because his wife stopped her accusations against him and said that it was her fault. Why do we care more about one that the
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