Essay On Moral Courage

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courage means in your role as a health care administrator?

The ability to exhibit moral courage in the face of emergencies challenges is factors that determine the success of an efficient health care leader. The importance of an administrator to display moral courage to ethical justify any decisions and actions taken to improve the health system, prevent disease outbreak, and promote positive patient outcomes. The effects on patients and staff in an organization when an administrator represents ethical and legal behavior can nurture a culture of success in the work environment. Moral courage requires doing the right thing when it comes to patient care and employees following safety policies to safeguard against any emergencies in the near
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Thorough properly identifying moral standards consistent with social, cultural, and religious standards is an effective way to nurture moral courage atmosphere. As the leading manager, ethical decisions are a major responsible and ensuring to facilitate no harm comes to no patients and staff while in the care of the health system (p.73).
One must create the policies to serve patients with positive results. However, an administrator ethics and legal behavior will be in question, especially when dealing with the health organization that lacks unethical behavior. Many health care agencies expect loyalty to the organization in which you are employed and questioning the policies on patient and staff safety could endanger one’s employment.
For example, a hospital managing committee may try to conceal the facts a patient name Jane died from a penicillin reaction. When this case is reviewed and evidence shows that patient Jane has a medical history of allergic reaction to penicillin. The patient informed medical personnel of her allergy to penicillin. This case shows how medical errors can occur. The moral obligation of the health care administrator is always reveal the truth of the cause of died and face the fact one’s employment may be
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