Moral Courage, Freedom Riders And The Holocaust

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Moral courage. Moral courage is defined as ¨The kind of courage which enables a person to remain firm in the face of odium or contempt, rather than depart from what he or she deems the right course.¨ ( But moral courage goes beyond that mere definition. Moral courage means standing up for what you want, need, or believe in even though the world may be against you, and Freedom riders are a perfect example of showing Moral Courage. Freedom riders are related to moral courage. How Freedom riders and the Jews in the Holocaust are related. Finally, how this essay had an impact on me. By examining Moral courage, Freedom riders and the Holocaust, and how I’ve been affected by the freedom riders, it is clear that the freedom riders fought for what they believe in and would never give up.…show more content…
Moral courage is standing up for what you believe in, no matter who’s with or against you. Freedom riders were a great example of showing moral courage. Freedom Riders would go city to city and use the whites-only bathrooms and the whites-only bar seats. “The groups were confronted by arresting police officers-- as well as horrific violence from white protestors-- along their routes, but also drew international attention to their cause” ( The Freedom riders would almost always get beaten and yelled at by whites, and often they would be taken to jail. They would be held in jail for about a month, and once released they would normally get right back on the buses. The first freedom ride took place on May 4th, 1961, and went well until the second week. During that time, whites lashed out at the Freedom riders, they severely beat members of the Freedom Riders and even burned their buses

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