Concept Of Moral Courage

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The main idea of this research investigation is to determine the ethical and moral courage challenges that are significantly prevalent in terms of modern healthcare management. Whether arising in terms of regular medical practices of healthcare, conducting research or in terms of educational, physicians’ requirements to comprehend the relevance of ethical and moral consideration that tends to play significant role in professional healthcare management lives. The paper effectively examines the ethical development of different healthcare ethics, suggest qualities that tends to determine enhanced professionalism and structures the explanation by employing strategic case presentations.
Concept of Moral Courage and Altruism in Health Care
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The moral arrogance involves the true belief that personal moral judgment is the only option related to the controversial issue even others consider different moral decisions or judgments to be accepted morally. It can be said that the morally arrogant people are found to be dismissive of the thoughts and concerned with self. The moral certainty is used for describing the firm belief on the basis of internal conviction. Such people believe that they are found to be correct in their beliefs to the extent that they do not have reservations related to the rightness of their beliefs. The moral arrogance along with the moral certainty reflects the assessment required in ethical practice. These behaviours cause the emergence of risk of supressing discussions along with the deliberation related to the ethical issues in the profession of healthcare. It is known that the professional and ethical principles are required to serve as the foundation of ethical decision making. Code of Ethics for nurses possess a common set of ethical principles for guiding the professional behaviour of nurses due to which they are motivated to follow them in their professional practice of nursing. Moreover, the Code of Ethics for Nurses also motivates nurses for being consistent with personal values while emphasising the requirement for open discussion of different ethical principles in such a way that is not…show more content…
There is an insufficient literature highlighting this aspect and concern related to the moral courage. However, many studies have reflected that immigration to new country have different challenges, which include adjustment to various customs. These challenges can be difficult for the healthcare practitioners struggling to be accepted within the new society while implementing moral courage within an inexperienced environment. Different scholars of moral courage have highlighted this concern in terms of the existence of common moral framework across cultures. It is evident that values and principles can differ across the globe but there are certain shared ethical values across cultures and they include honesty, fairness, respect, empathy, courage, and
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