Moral Courage In Roger Rosenblatt's The Man In The Water

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Moral Courage How do you think you would you react if you saw a plane in a river full of people in it? Well in the article, “The Man in The Water” a passenger, Park Police and bystanders helped people that were 9in a plane that crashed into the Potomac River in Washington D.C. on Jan 13, 1982. The crash happened near a bridge. The moral courage in the story “The Man in The Water”, Roger Rosenblatt shows that people are willing to help others even if it cost the man’s own life by using setting and characters to support the literary element. In literature, setting is the environment (i.e., time, place, season, etc.) where the conflict takes place. The setting of the “The Man in the Water” is a snowy day. January 13, 1982, was a terrible day…show more content…
An unknown man sacrificed his life for strangers. After he was saved he jumped back into the water and started swimming towards people in the crash. Once he got to the people in the water, the helicopter repeatedly sent down a life raft that he passed off to other people “every time they lowered a lifeline and flotation rings to him he passed it on to another passengers”.. This shows moral courage because any other person would have thought about themselves before any other person a stranger at that. This unknown man sacrificed his life for others standing up for what was right and what he believed in. The man that was in the water was not selfish in that situation because he knew that there were other lives that was in danger In the article The Man in the Water the author used setting and character to support the literary elements which showed moral courage and details to explain how the moral courage was shown in the article. All the people that was out to help the people that was passengers on the plane showed moral courage. The reason why it showed moral courage because it was cold winter day which no one wanted to be outside because it was freezing out there and the people that did help deserve a lot of respect because most people wouldn't have helped because they would have been selfish in that type of

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