Moral Courage In To Kill A Mockingbird

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“Moral courage is the highest expression of humanity…” (Nader).Ralph Nader illustrates his opinion on what he thinks moral courage is. Many people in the book “ To kill a Mockingbird” and the articles show moral courage. For example both Atticus and Malala demonstrate moral courage by standing up for other people's rights as well as their own. Moral courage is people who are willing to take risks for the good of others and those who both have leadership. Moral courage is shown in Atticus when he is risking himself for Tom Robinson and same with Malala when she is standing up for her right to go to school, this shows moral courage because they are not doing this for the attention they are doing this for the good of others. For instance, in To kill a Mockingbird when Scout is playing in the playground at school he asks, “ Do you defend niggers.” and Atticus replied, “ Of course I do..” (Lee 99). This quote shows taking risks for others is morally courageous because no one wanted to help a black man because they are at the bottom of the social class. However, Atticus didn’t care where Tom Robinson was in the social class he took this risk because he had hope and trust in Tom Robinson. For other reasons taking risks for the good of others is important since Atticus doesn't care what race you are he sees an…show more content…
Specifically in the Lance Armstrong photo his bicycle is made out of the word lies. In the speech bubble “ I am here to tell the truth. “ (Anderson). This quote shows leadership because even though he was denying the truth about doing drugs he eventually came clean about his past. In addition when he was telling the truth he knew what he was going to lose. He was not only going to lose all of his titles but he also knew he was also going to lose everyone’s trust. Moreover
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