Moral Decline In The Grapes Of Wrath

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The Grapes of Wrath takes place in the worst economic crash in U.S history. Families were left starving in every corner through the twenties and thirties. With the economic status crashing so did morals of the thousands of people in poverty. The twin topics of economic and moral decline are integral in the novel; they will clash throughout the lingering impetus to survive. The economy was the cause of the United States increase of poverty. Mass production was introduced in the early 1920’s and the result of mass production was the Great Depression. Everyone had what they wanted, although the companies who made the product were forced to keep the remaining products. With poverty skyrocketing among the people they were forced to change their way of living. Every individual and family had a traditional way of living,…show more content…
When Grampa and Granma dies the Joad family had no choice but to leave them and continue moving forward. The family couldn’t have had any proper burial for both of their families members. They couldn’t have anymore obstacles in their way so they had to leave them behind and forget. Traditions change greatly and so did morals of the people, survival was everyone’s main focus in the book. The people had to do whatever they could to keep themselves and their family moving forward. Usually people wouldn’t steal things from others, however it was a must to stay alive. There was no work being offered so the people had only one choice. "She can get buried in a nice green place," Ma said softly. "Trees aroun' an' a nice place. She got to lay her head down in California." (311), Granma was left and their traditional way of burying a loved one couldn't have been accomplished. They couldn't waste any time for anyone, since it’ll put themselves
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