Moral Development In Erin Brockovich Movie

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During the start of the film Erin was in stage 1 and 3 of moral development as she was works hard in Ed’s firm to earn a better paycheck. Her words and actions are in accordance with stage one of level one moral development which states “what’s in it for me”. Incentive is self-interest and since she is working for the benefit for her children lives also positions her at Interpersonal Concordance Stage. Till the end of the film, Erin goes to the roots, trying to win the case no matter what the consequences which puts her at stage 6 of level 3 of moral development called, Universal Ethical Moral Principles Stage. This is because Erin goes after the fact that PG and E has done an unethical act and it must be addressed. The case becomes more…show more content…
He was a partner at a law firm named “Marsy & Vititoe”. Edward Marsy was a hardworking lawyer. In the starting he was on law and order stage (Stage 4) viewed laws set by the society as his only belief due to his profession. But this moral development stage deviated throughout the story. He often acted as one of stage 6 men when he hired Erin Brockovich in his law firm and sometimes he was a stage 5 person when he hired Kurt Potter to fund the case. So by this his character moves around level 3 of moral development.

 George:
A Harley-Davidson admirer, George is the love interest of Erin and delivers some moral concerns in the story that are related to Erin and her kids.
George was seen as an unselfish one that would facilitate others on condition that the tip result would profit him. Thus he was experiencing Stage two of the moral development. In the movie George led himself to take care of Erin’s kids and house only as a result of that he wished Erin to create relationship with him.
As Erin was busy in her case of PG & E, George was busy taking care of her kids and became terribly frustrating and annoying because his passion for Harley Davidson was long lost and hasn’t seen his friends for a prolonged time. He talked to Erin concerning this matter that he wasn 't obtaining rewarded for the time and energy he was reaching to lookout of her kids. This conduct of him showed that George was on Stage two of model development i.e.
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Eventually because the case goes to trial, Brockovich is judged by her 2 divorces and 3 kids. The doctor is then given benefit of doubt as his attorney persuades the jury that a single-struggling mother would presumably target somebody who has cash to help her financially.
 Erin Brockovich forces Edward Masry to let her work in his Law Firm

Erin Brockovich got connected to Ed when she asked Ed to contest for her accident case. She forced him to hire her in front of the whole office and Edward was a kind and respectful person and to protect his reputation was withdrawn to reject Erin from working at the law firm. This was an unethical behavior shown by Erin as she purposefully forced Edward to hire him on the argument that his firm had full number of employees and Erin won the argument by declaring that they weren’t returning her calls which shows that there weren’t enough of the employees
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