Moral Development In The Kite Runner

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Every child at some stage in their lift begins maturing. For many it takes place when a child becomes with a mentor and begins to get a sense of direction in their life. When I was young my Dad and I grew close, this helped keep me out of trouble. My dad got me fascinated with business and engineering. Ever since I have known where I want to go in life. Through this relationship with my dad, I grew as a man and ultimately matured. However, for Amir, the main character, in Khaled Hosseini 's novel, The Kite Runner, has poor moral character and during his transition ultimately has several bad experiences which did take away his innocence. However, as time progresses through Amir 's life he is asked to fulfill a calling and make amends for his…show more content…
However, after the competition Amir "watched Hassan get raped" which is something no one should ever have to witness (Hosseini 82). Amir backed down when he witnessed Hassan being raped and just let it happen. Amir standing witness to Hassan 's rape and leaving him to be taken advantage of by Assef shows Amir 's cowardice behavior and selfishness. Another low that Amir goes through is when he throws pomegranates at Hassan in the limited hope he would reciprocate his acts. Instead Hassan sat there confused and takes another pomegranate and "crushed it against his own forehead" to emphasize his loyalty to Amir (Hosseini 88). This act brings Amir to new lows. It reveals his true immoral character by showing his pitiful treatment of even those who are lose to him. Lastly, Amir does have a building moment when he wins the kite tournament and celebrates with Baba. This is because since Amir 's mother died giving birth to him Amir and his father have been distant. Now Baba wants to spend more time with Amir because "the two of [them] can have fun together" (Hosseini 79). While this point contrasts the two negatives this is the first major success Amir has brought to Baba 's

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