Four Developmental Theories

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Introduction This assignment focuses on the four major developmental theories of learning and its application in real world teaching. Developmental theories help us to study students’ behavior and predict them as well. These theories help child through physical, mental and emotional development through various stages. The four major theories of developments are cognitive theory of Piaget, Psychoanalytic (psychosexual) theory of Sigmund Freud, Moral development theory of Lawrence Kohlberg and Psychosocial theory of Erikson. The main aim of this assignment is to discuss about the four major developmental theories and its implication in teaching. This assignment contains an introduction, main body; discussing the four major developmental theories,…show more content…
In schools teacher can plan a sports meet where children participate represent their class in groups. Include various tasks to choose between. Allow and encourage students to choose a sport they like. With this teachers allow students to showcase their skills in the area they which, which in turn will develop their confidence. When students choose a suitable area of interest the teacher can praise them and students feel self of belongings and build trust for the teacher. Make all the sports task productive where children do the tasks in a cooperative manner. When teaching living things and non-living things, the teacher can utilize different activities to cover the lesson. Teacher can let students to make clay models, draw, and write a story on living things and non-ling things. Allow students to choose and do the activity they like. When they do the work praise them. If a student does something incorrect, then don’t criticize them in front of everyone. If a teacher does that then the child will lose the trust in you. If you want give a feedback then take the child to a private place and talk about the mistake or the wrong choice of…show more content…
Make classroom rules and make sure students follow the rules. When students show obedience to classroom rule they will try to maintain the rules. They will also try to make sure that others follow the rule. Make clear of the consequences that they might have to experience if they disobeys any rule. That way students follow the rule, in order to avoid the punishment. By this way students consider following rules as morally correct and accepted. Additionally students apply this in the other areas. For example when students follow classroom rules, they will start to respect the rules of society and follows

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