Moral Dilemmas In Engineering Ethics

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Dilemmas are various types of situation in which an absolute choice has to be made out of many options. Moral dilemmas are also known as moral problems. Moral dilemmas have two or more alternatives - moral obligations, duties, rights or ideals come into divergence with each other. One moral principle can have two or more contradictory applications for a particular given situation. Moral dilemmas can be arising in many situations. For example, suppose one person promises to his friend to meet him in the evening on a certain date, but unluckily on the same day his brother has met with an accident and he has to take him to hospital. The dilemma here consists of a conflict between the duty to keep promise and obligations to his brother. In this…show more content…
Though these guiding principles help the engineers and other professionals to strength their professional values such as honesty, respect the colleagues and think for the welfare of the general public. However these values have been already in the minds of the engineers, but these values helps to improve the qualities in a better manner among the engineers, and not inculcating recently. The main objective of engineering ethics is to enable the individuals to understand the moral responsibilities in a clear and careful manner. So, the main aim of studying engineering ethics is to enhance the moral autonomy within him. Moral autonomy is a skill and habit of thinking ethical problems in a balanced manner. These ethical issues are to be found out on the basis of moral problems. These general responsiveness of moral values are derived only from the training what we have received as a child with response to the sensitive and right of others and ourselves. Suppose the guidance is not given in the childhood, then those children may be ill-treated or ignored by the society. In future these children may grow up with lack of senses on moral issues and they become as sociopaths. They are never morally independent. They won’t apologize for their mistakes and wrong…show more content…
So the main aim of Applied Ethics is to improve their aptitude in order to face the moral issues decisively. This can be achieved by improving the practical skills which are helping in producing effective independent or self-determination beliefs among the individuals about the moral issues. 2.6.3 Skills for improving moral autonomy 1. The engineers must have the ability to identify the moral problems and ethical issues in the field of engineering – they must have the capability to differentiate and relate these moral problems with the problems of law, economics, religions principles etc. They must have the skills of understanding, clarifying and assessing the arguments which are against the moral issues. 2. They must have the skills to suggest the solutions to moral concerns, on the basis of information. These suggestions must be reliable and must include all the aspects of the problem. 3. They must have the creative skill to view the problems from all view points and also be able to suggest a appropriate alternative solution. 4. They must be able to accept the challenges related to moral problems while giving moral judgments which may cause problems i.e. they have to understand the difficulties in making moral

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