Moral Judgement Analysis

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Musante 1Frank MusanteKirk T. HughesLove and LitMidterm18 March 2018 Love and Moral Judgement Moral judgement has a big part of love. As readers, we have the ability to judge and decide for ourselves what moral love means to us, and when reading we see how different characters judge if the acts of the character 's should be considered moral. When we look at and compare the two readings of Dante 's Inferno Canto 5 and Do you Know where I Am we see this. In these readings we see the similar acts, but different ways it’s dealt with. We see the judge 's of their actions, what the judge 's punishment for the characters ' actions, and the characters self-aware of how their choices and behavior will be judged. We also see two different ways that moral judgement happens. What’s the opinion of the reader on the moral judgement of these characters love. When we look at the actions that the character’s have committed in these two reading both characters Francesca and Sharon commit adultery. In Dante, Gods the judge of their actions, but in Do You Know Where I Am David Sharon 's husbands the judge. When we see how each character 's actions will be judged, it’s very different, but we have to take into account where the characters come from and who’s judging them. When we read Do You Know Where I AM Sharon commits adultery and the David judges her. On page 161 it says “ I was surprised to discover I wanted to hit my wife.”
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