Moral Machines By Gary Marcus Analysis

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Mr. Gary Marcus, the author of "Moral Machines,” breaks down the different scenarios of the use of robot technology in our everyday lives. Even more, he goes into discussion about the use of technology in our automobiles. The possible use of the technology would let computers make all the "critical" decisions when it comes on-road travel; but is use of technology a good thing or a bad thing? Should we let computers make possible life or death decisions when they appear on the roads and highways? The automobile is certainly a dangerous tool and in this following essay I’ll show how Gary Marcus proves that there is a use for such computers and robots in our everyday lives.
This essay Mr. Marcus has written could catch the focus of anyone who owns a car or has a great respect for technology. Automobile manufacturing companies would also find this essay informative. People all over the world come up with different ideas/ways to do things. If any automobile manufacturer is looking for new ideas to develop a new product than they’ll do the research to find these ideas. I think quite possibly they will find the information in Gary Marcus’s essay interesting and useful. Marcus breaks down his essay
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He says in his essay that he would rather left the robot injure someone than yourself injure someone. I don’t agree with that because I know my level of awareness is much higher than any robots will be if it’s left up to it to choose to stop on the brakes or swerve out of the way to save a child’s life. I would much rather injure myself than live with hitting a
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