Moral Nihilism Analysis

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Moral nihilism which is also called ethical nihilism is a myth way of saying that nothing in the world is based on something that is specifically right or definitely wrong. Basically speaking, a moral nihilist would infer from a murder as for any particular excuse, that the problem is not necessarily wrong or inherently the correct way to act as each individual sees morality in different points of views. It is a distinct from moral relativism, allowing humans relating similar opinions to one another making something correct/incorrect in a non-objective sense, but does not have any proof whatsoever that a statement is statically from truth-values. Moral relativism defers from moral nihilism. It is based on individuals relating similar standards…show more content…
He believes that morality of individuals not make something actually moral. He is with moral nihilism but against moral relativism. There is nothing in principle objectionable that morality is true. Humans make up their own moral facts and believe them whereas there is nothing morally correct. A third moral nihilist argues that there is nothing in principle objectionable about neither moral nihilism or moral relativism. He thinks it is a pathetic fallacy. He argues from queerness and relatively and thinks it is an error theory. He believes that the argument begins from the point about ancient acts that people believe are true/false and he content of moral believes from across groups, classes, wealthiness up to culture and society. Obviously, there is no absence of arguments that accepts the approval of the existence of moral values and vice…show more content…
Moral relativism is choosing morality based on the opinions and numbers of people relating to their cultures, society and opinions. Cultural relativism is the principle from gaining respect from different cultures. For example, Saudi’s do not shake or have eye contacts with females, and females cover their faces and hairs using scars and ‘neqaab’, while France does not alone anyone to cover their hairs by scarves and faces by neqaabs. France and Saudi should both respect cultures and not find it offensiveness or rudeness of disrespect. People have been raised from different cultures and value everything differently. The main perceptions of subjective relativism seems to follow this line of reasoning. We all live under constitutional government protected by a firm Bill of Rights and Wrongs. Everyone should have their own freedom to speak out their ethical points of views.The positive contributions of ethical relativism is based on people with similar thought of moral values. I think moral nihilism should be related based on moral relativism as there are no moral truth in the world and by living in peace we need to respect one another’s decisions and cultures and decide on morality based on what the majority think is the correct thing to
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