Max Weber Influence On Christianity

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Christianity has been subject to manipulation or misinterpretation so as to justify the good or bad intentions of people. These misinterpretations can still be seen today with the acts of false pastors and prophets who use Biblical scriptures to rob Gods people their money. History proves that in the west Christianity has been a main source of ideas for many social, political, economic and ecological acts. Slaves were enslaved from Africa to America in the name of the bible. Christianity, economics and environmental domination have a relationship. The major theory of the Moral Parallels of Protestantism and capitalism and the other major theory of the moral parallels of Christianity, science and technology reveal the dynamics of this relationship.
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Weber argued that Protestantism is the greater contributor to the capitalist thought. As a reformation Protestantism preceded the continuous growth to the ideology of capitalism in Western Europe (Bell, 2012). This was evident as peopled worked for more money than needed and that the church got people to purchase forgiveness. The theologian French pastor John Calvin - the father of Protestant Reformation and well known for his doctrine of Predestination called Calvinism. Calvinism preached that the kingdom of heaven if for those who are successful, hardworking and good (Bell, 2012). Calvinists were hence hardworking and very competitive Christians whom even desisted from bodily pressures. According to Weber the attributes of Calvinism were those of greater wealth, reinvestment and accelerating of treadmills of production. Calvinism as a birth and fuelling of capitalism made it okay to use the

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