Moral Principle Of Sexual Harassment

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Everyone in this world must have good moral principle. Moral principle can be right or wrong depends on the acceptance by an individual or a social group. Moral principle is very important for us to govern corporate, group and individual responsibilities in everyday business operation. Sexual harassment is an illegal attitude all around the world. Sexual harassment is an unlawful and unwelcome action to harass and bully a person in exchange for sexual favors. This include when a person requests for sexual favors, unwelcome sexual advances, or any other physical or verbal harassment conduct of a sexual nature. Sexual harassment is unwelcome behaviors in which the victim may be in consent accepting the harassment or under any coercion. The victim…show more content…
The victim of this case, Kate Burnham had reported to the court that she was routinely sexually harassed and abused by three former bosses at her workplace. She claimed that one of her day sous chef, Dan Lidbury mentally sexual harassment her by calling her “angry dyke”. Other than that, Dan Lidbury even bombarded her with lewd questions. She was trying to report to her supervisor about this issue but then Dan Lidbury had threatened her otherwise she may lost her job. Besides, another former chef in this restaurant who named Kanida Chey regularly harassed Kate Burhman. Kanida Chey conducted physical sexual harassment to Kate Burhman which including grabbing her crotch and hold it while humping her from…show more content…
If your manager in the workplace was attempted to harass you either by verbal, nonverbal, physical or written, you must report to your responsibly supervisor as soon as possible. In some situation, submission or rejection of such sexual harassment may affect job opportunities. You might receive any invitation from your professor that you may promote to a higher working position if you conduct sexual harassment with them. If you ever receiving any request that you have to sacrifice yourself in order to get promote to higher position, as a human being you may be indecisive. At this situation, you must bear in mind the business ethics which can lead you to the correct direction. Moreover, if you accept the request once before, the professor would demand more often and by now, if you deny or ignore them, they may threaten you by attempt to fire you. Hence, you might suffer from tension and depression and will decrease the productivity during working hours. As in today’s business environment, sexual harassment in workplace is getting more common. The manager and supervisor of the company must be a role model and must pay full attention for their employees to prevent any harassment happen. If you ever involved in sexual harassment, don’t be afraid to speak out and say ‘NO!” If you feel embarrassing by speaking up, you may write a letter and complain to your respondent
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