Moral Relativism: The Correlation Between Subjectivism, And Conventionalism

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Moral relativism is an umbrella term that carries both subjectivism and conventionalism. Subjectivism is the ability to kill a man and it be accepted because of individual moral beliefs that it is okay to do so, as to conventionalism, you would be incarcerated for most or all of your life due to the fact that society sees murder as wrong. Conventionalism takes the individuals spread beliefs onto a society level through media, networking, or culture. It creates a safety net for knowing right from wrong.
Conventionalism claims our moral obligations and principles are derived from the “social norms” and what is right or wrong according to society. Conventionalists are obligated to know what society will approve and disapprove of, and act accordingly. Our actions are then essentially compared to the social norms and then deemed right or wrong. For example, in today’s society incest is considered wrong. It may or may not be right, but we jump to the conclusion that it is wrong because of what we were told and observed growing up. Also the potential risks the child will be faced with can persuade a person to believe it is unethical and immoral. Alongside with it being “wrong,” the correlation between abuse and incest creates the notion that with one aspect comes the other, which is not always the case. There are many ways that this can be manipulated, twisted and formed to fit what the conventionalist believes. The inconsistency that conventionalism creates is one of the many
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