Selma To Montgomery March Speech Analysis

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As kids people get taught what is wrong and right from a parental figure or experiences of life teach us how to react to different situations. When we finally turn adults no one is there to remind us of what’s good and what's bad so we have to use our past experiences and our knowledge to help guide us. Each adult shapes their societies for their generation and many more generations to come. Mohandas k. Gandhi and Susan B Anthony’s speech along with the article Selma to Montgomery March on history show that civil disobedience is a moral responsibility. For example civil disobedience is the moral responsibility of each and every single citizen because they are the second and largest half of what makes up a state and in order to keep the balance in power people have to fight for what they believe is correct. Gandhi claims that no state is possible with the rulers nor the ruled, both parts have to be present to make a state.…show more content…
When Martin Luther protested an fought for the right of the colored people he did in a nonviolent way but the rulers did not use the same method. According to the article Selma to Montgomery March “The marchers didn’t get far before Alabama state troopers wielding whips, nightsticks and tear gas rushed the group at the Edmund Pettis Bridge and beat them back to Selma.” The ruled risk getting punished harshly but that doesn’t take away their responsibility. It is the citizens duty to create a safe and equal environment for everyone. “You are our sovereign, our Government, only so long as we consider ourselves your subjects” (pg.176). Citizens can’t be managed by the rulers in everything they do. They have the power make great changes to better our communities and even though they may get punished they can't let fear control then. They can't neglect their responsibilities and have to assume their
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