Moral Rightness Of Animal Experimentation Essay

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Examine the moral rightness of animal experimentation Introduction Animal experimentation has garnered increasing public and politic concerns recently, as the presence of it is becoming global and diversified. Although the argument of ethics in animal experimentation can be dated back to the Greek days, it will bring significant meanings to discuss the topic today as technology is advancing and the use of animal in scientific experimentations is more intensive than ever. Before proceeding, it would be necessary to properly define animal experimentation. Certainly in the context here, it excludes the mere observation of animals. It should denote the process that subject living sentient beings to procedures that are against their own individual interest, such as confinement or manipulation, which inflicts sufferings, harm or death upon the them.…show more content…
Hybrid frameworks contain some elements of the consequentialist theory, and some elements from deontological approach. In general, some animal experimentation will be strictly prohibited as the respect of their rights, and within the permitted zone, cost-benefit weighing would guide us make the ultimate decision on whether it is moral to carry out such experiments. First question to answer would be what animal experimentation should be prohibited. In Regan’s Deontology arguments, animals that are considered as subjects-of-a-life should be treated with respect and not to be used for research purposes. The general guideline is that one-year-old mentally normal mammals can be treated as subjects-of-a-life. However, it is noticeable that mice are mammals as well and they are usually widely used in medical

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