Moral Themes In Beowulf

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In the children’s book, the story displays two themes that are well represented in the book. The first theme is good warriors and good king. The story depicts how Beowulf possess the qualities of loyalty, honesty, and integrity that motivate him into a wise and respectable leader. For example, when Beowulf was fighting Grendel, his men “swords raised and ready, determined to protect their prince if they could.” The book also depicts another example through Wiglaf’s action. Even though Beowulf comrades abandoned him, Wiglaf was the only warrior “stood there, miserable, remembering, as a good man must, what kinship should mean.” This portrays the loyalty that Beowulf’s men committed to him because of Beowulf character integrity. Furthermore, another theme that was portrayed in the book is envy and jealousy associated with Unferth and Grendel. For example, Grendel characterizes his jealousy by “coming to Herot when Hrothgar’s men slept, killing them in their beds, eating some on the spot, fifteen or more” because Grendel can never share the same joy or happiness with mankind. Which was illustrated through the biblical allusion in the story of Cain and Abel.…show more content…
The moral lessons in Beowulf will further accentuate my future interest, motivating my desire to possess the same qualities as Beowulf. In addition, it can help to emphasize my determination to be successful and to accomplish organizational goals. The story culture, heroism, and glorious deeds have influenced my Christian values and pagan with the concept of faith. Not to mention, if Beowulf were to fight another monster, it would be a sea monster because it would further highlight Beowulf’s capability by taking on another challenge. Moreover, sea monster represents chaos and disorder so by killing a sea beast, it can benefit his reputation and self-values about his epic
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