Moral Theories: Virtue Ethics And The Ethics Of Justice

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Moral Theories When considering what has influenced my ability to manage conflict through ethical decision making, I feel that formal moral theories have best allowed me to clearly articulate what I believe is “right, good, virtuous or just” (Cahn, 2013, p. 3). I appreciate how each theory provides a unique structure for managing conflict, however, I find that independently they insufficiently meet the demands of this profession. Consequently, I have adopted features of Virtue Ethics, the Ethics of Care, and the Ethics of Justice to develop my own personal philosophy. The key features of each theory which I most strongly agree with will be examined in greater detail below. Virtue Ethics. Within this perspective, virtues such as patience, honesty,…show more content…
Through this perspective moral decision making is demonstrated when “attending to and meeting the needs of the others for whom we take responsibility” (Cahn, 2013, p.144). I strongly employ this feature within my personal philosophy, both personally and professionally. It is not atypical for me to help other teachers’ with grading, or to take on a more challenging course load so to help minimize challenges for someone else. In addition, I provide the majority of my students with personalized instruction and assessment in order to best meet their needs. Although this sometimes prompts unnecessary stress, I feel my actions are validated because I am helping someone else. Within the Ethics of Care, I also strongly prescribe to the use of emotions and multiple perspectives during the decision making process (Shapiro & Gross, 2013). Commonly, moral decision making through this perspective is not seen as black and white, because “reason and rationalistic calculations are seen as deficient” (Cahn, 2013, p.145). I feel this strategy insufficiently allows all of the demands of a situation to be adequately met. My personal philosophy reflects the need to importance of maximizing understanding through the collection of information from…show more content…
The final formal theory that I have found influential is the Ethics of Justice. Shapiro and Gross (2013), defined justice as a “mode of choosing that is universal, a rule of choosing that we want all people to adopt always in all situation”. This acts as a platform for the Ethics of Justice which deals with laws, rights, and policies, and “implies procedures for making decisions that respect the equal sovereignty of the people” (Shapiro & Gross, 2013, p. 22). My personal philosophy aligns to this feature because I find that lawful behaviors make a safe and equitable environment more obtainable. Furthermore, by teaching students these concepts, they will become more concerned for the “welfare of the school as a community, a concept that extended beyond the school’s walls and into the local environment” (Shapiro & Gross, 2013,
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