Social Stratification Theory

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Social Stratification And Thorstein Veblen Theory By stefany Davis Sociology UOPeople Social stratification, seems to be a matter that has been always relevant in society, Thorstein Veblen “believed that there were distinctions between classes. For this sociologist, there were different economic levels, and also subclasses in occupations as well. For Thorstein, the higher class of population had the possibility to be part of the special benefits and events, like religion, enjoy sports and welfare.On the other hand the lower class could not enjoy those benefits, and were excluded of them. There was a labour division, and employees could get classified into be worthy, and not worthy employees, as well as the fact of an existed industrial and not industrial work division. At that point slaves seem to be the ones that used to do the really hard and handy jobs, and women were not considered capable of working in the same jobs as men”Anon, (2018), like in the current time. “The pecuniary Emulation was the beginning of the ownership matter, in which the social structure was focused in the leisure, and ownership. Thorstein believed that people liked to consume, and own all sore of goods. This sociologist also thought that the highest class population could accumulate wealth to maintain a good social…show more content…
Some of the past theories remain in the current time, like old people leaving a will to their relatives, people like opening their own businesses, saving money, consuming all sort of things, and accumulating in the way that they want. So it seems that there are many characteristics that are similar to the old times, in the social stratification system. Some of those examples could be, like the change of not discriminating people for any reason if they apply for jobs, not slavery, and also women being able to work in similar jobs, as men

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